How I came to know Jesus and calling of my life. 

30740314_1791936357530420_7694969003579539456_oI am Krishna Chaudhary. I live in Kathmandu Nepal with my wife Rajani and new born baby boy name Jason Chaudhary. It is my privilege to open some pages of my life book share you my story.  I was born and brought up in simple  Hinduism family. As a child I was fun loving kid, growing up in a loving family. suddenly my father got seriously ill because of leaver problem and he passed away from us when I was five years old. This incident traumatized me, I could not believe it, losing him was out of my understanding.

After that I was brought in Orphanages Hostel named (House of Hope) in Kathmandu that was a Christian hostel. There I came to know more and more about our heavenly Father. Where I realized to know that although I do not have my earthly father, but I have a heavenly father who always cares for me and loves me. His word in Romans 5:8 touched my heart; I was convinced that He died for my sin and in Him there is forgiveness, hope and life, so I accepted Him as my Savior and Lord. 

Through my life change my hole family my mom elder sister and two younger brothers became to know Jesus Christ, also some of my relatives as well, this way God choose my family. Economically my family back ground is not good that’s why for the house needs and for higher study of mine and for my sister and brothers I used to do labor work.

But God provision in my life is different He want me to labor of Him to catch men for His Kingdom. At the same time God put the burning desire in my heart to share Christ with others. Through God’s provision I got a chance to take a GCTC staff training of Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ in July 2010 and from July 2011 I am serving Lord through Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ. From this way I came to know Jesus and calling of my life.

In addition, help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray.

  1. Pray for the vision 2020 to raise 10000 multiplying disciples; may God grant us hope and strong faith to make it happen.
  2. Pray for religious tolerance in Nepal. Christian community may get freedom to share their faith to others in relational environment.
  3. Pray for God’s provision that He would supply all our needs
  4.  Pray for Godly wisdom and that He will give us success beyond our vision.

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40 Days Fasting & Prayer

Always it’s a great experience to join the 40 Days Fasting and Prayer Every Year. Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ start this movement since 2000. From the beginning we saw God’s amazing and wonderful work in our life through this movement. Like wise this year too 40 Days Fasting and Prayer is going to start from today 12th February 2018 and going to finished on 23rd March 2018.

In the previous year there are more than 20 thousand prayer worriers are involved in 40 Days Fasting and Prayer from all over the Nepal. This year we expect more than 30 thousand people were involved in this movement.

Today’s Prayer is  “Let us pray for the high position of our dominated, political leaders, and authorities, to serve the people and nation honestly, and God Almighty should give them knowledge & wisdom. ” (Psalm 22:28/Daniel 2″21 )

Thank You !